Personal Injury FAQs

In the face of personal injury, you’re bound to have a lot of questions that you need answers to. You’ll find many of those answers here, and for those you don’t, be sure to contact your friends at Alpha Law Firm at (323)515-3666.
We’re here to help.

What defines a personal injury?
Personal injuries are generally defined as injury that are caused to one as the result of their own or someone else’s negligence.
What sort of personal injuries do you handle?
At Alpha Law Firm, we represent our clients in all sorts of personal injury cases, such as truck accidents, dog bites, medical malpractice, product liability, workplace injury, wrongful death, and many more. If you have a personal injury case, the chances are high that we can represent it.
How do I know if I have a case?
If your injury happened either as a result of someone else’s negligence or harmful intent, or you’ve had a workplace accident, you likely have a personal injury case. In these cases, Alpha Law Firm is happy to represent you and ensure you receive the monetary compensation you deserve.
What size cases do you take on?
We take on all sizes of cases, regardless of how simple or complex they may be.
How much will it cost to hire your firm?
At Alpha Law, we operate on a contingency fee basis. This means that we don’t charge you unless we are able to get you compensation for your injury.
I’d like to contact a lawyer about my incident, but I’m nervous. What should I do?

In the case of personal injury law, we always recommend you contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Many types of cases have what is called a “statute of limitations,” meaning that, after a specified time period, you can no longer file a motion against them.
This happens regardless of whether they can be proved guilty without any doubt or if they confess to what you’re alleging. After the statute of limitations is up, there’s nothing that can be done.
There’s no reason to be nervous, though. Your friends at Alpha Law Firm would be delighted to help you.

What is negligence?
Negligence is a term you’ll hear personal injury lawyers talk about a lot. Essentially, it is a term that means someone failed to take the proper care in performing an action and you got hurt because of it. This puts them at fault.
If my case is settled, how soon can I expect to be paid?
Once a case is settled, you can expect your funds to arrive within 1-2 weeks in most cases. However, cases that involve larger corporations or the government might take a little longer.
Is it possible to sue my city or county government?
Yes! You can also sue the federal government if you believe you’ve been wrong by them. You’re able to sue those entities as a whole or just the individuals involved in your case. However, these cases function a bit differently and can take longer than average law suits.
What can I use my law suit money for?
You can use it for just about anything! You may be awarded specific amounts for things like medical bills, lost wages, etc., but what you actually do with those funds is completely up to you.
Can I still file a claim if my insurance paid my medical bills in full?
The short answer here is yes, you can! As the injured person, the court of law wants to make sure you’re taken care of. This means that, in addition to still being able to sue for the full about of your treatment (not just your deductible), you’re also eligible for compensation for lost wages and pain and suffering.
Can I still pursue compensation if the incident in question was partially my fault?
This largely depends on the area the incident happened in and where the trial is proceeding In Jurisdictions such as California, you are still able to per financial compensation, even if you were partially to blame.
The insurance company told me a don’t need to hire a lawyer. Are they right?
Insurance companies operate off of the goal of paying out as little as possible to victims. No matter how nice the representative may seem when talking to you, that is their ultimate goal. It is always wise to consult a lawyer if you believe you have a claim, regardless of whether the insurance adjuster says you should or not.
What should I do when talking to the insurance adjuster?
Insurance adjusters are trained to ask you things that might get you to say something that absolves them from any liability of having to pay you. Anything you say to them in any situation can be used to give you a decreased settlement. We recommend not discussing any of the details of your accident, injury, the people involved, etc. with your insurance adjuster. Instead, discuss your case with a lawyer first.
Is my case big enough to need a lawyer?
Regardless of what size case you have, we always recommend getting a lawyer. Even if you believe (or are told by another party) that you can handle the case by yourself, it is always best if you consult a lawyer to ensure the proper steps are taken to get you the compensation you need and deserve.
How do I get into contact with a lawyer?

You can contact one of our lawyers at Alpha Law Firm by calling us today at (323)515-3666. We know that personal injuries are tough to deal with, and we’re dedicated to providing you with the utmost service and care so you can get the compensation you’re due.