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Understanding Pedestrian Accident Laws

Pedestrian Accidents Lawyer

Being involved in an accident where you were hit by a car, truck, van, or even bicycle as a pedestrian can be incredibly traumatic and more often than not results in injuries that require medical treatment. Some victims of these accidents can take months or even years to recover, and can be a high possibility of permanent disablement.

Victims of these types of accidents are often eligible for significant compensation to cover things like:

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Common Reasons for Pedestrian Vehicle Accidents

There are several reasons that a pedestrian/vehicle accident might occur, including but not limited to:
While some of these are more preventable than others through specific actions on the pedestrian’s side (such as wearing protective clothing in the dark or during rainy weather), none of them are necessarily the pedestrian’s fault, nor are they considered as such in the court of law. There are many more reasons an accident involving a pedestrian and a vehicle might occur, but these are the basics.
Pedestrian Accidents Lawyer

California Crosswalks and Pedestrian Rules

Wrongful Death Claims Due to Pedestrian Accident

As horrible as it is, there are cases where the pedestrian succumbs to their injuries and does not survive the accident. Because these types of deaths are so unexpected, family and friends are often left behind wondering what they should do and who they should talk to.

In California, certain close family members are allowed to file a wrongful death claim to seek recovery losses for things like:

Our Pedestrian Accident Lawyers at Alpha Law Firm are here to help you get the compensatory coverage you not only need, but deserve.

Proving a Pedestrian Accident Claim

Contrary to popular belief, drivers are not considered to be automatically at fault in the event of a pedestrian/vehicle accident. Rather, the law requires the pedestrian to prove liability by demonstrating that the driver was being negligent.
Some things the driver may be accused of include:

Distracted Driving

When a drivers take their focus off the road, their chances of an accident can easily increase. Whether talking or texting on a cellphone, interacting with passengers, or doing any other activity that takes their focus off the road, this scenario is grounds for civil (and sometimes criminal) liability.

Drunk Driving

When drivers are under the influence of alcohol, their ability to react and situational awareness are drastically decreased, which can skyrocket the odds an accident occurs. The police can document if the driver is under the influence.

Traffic Violations

Should the driver being speeding, disobeying stop signs, running a red light, etc., this is considered to be grounds for negligence. Ask the police to check into whether there are security cameras in the area that might be able to prove the driver was breaking the law.


In rare cases, pedestrian accidents can happen on purpose because of anger or criminal motives. However, a criminal case likely won’t result in compensation. To receive the appropriate financial coverage, you’ll have to file a claim through civil court, which is where we come in.

Filing a Claim Through Civil Court for a Pedestrian Accident

Accusations are simply not enough to ensure that you receive the money you are entitled to. Rather, proper investigations must be done the proper evidence of negligence must be submitted. 

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